While often being associated with progressive rock, English group Muse has released a lot of content with electro influence, so their latest involvement in the Dubstep scene is not entirely surprising. This latest video of their track Unsustainable, which will be part of their upcoming album release The 2nd Law, illustrates our current modern times, not only in the sense that the musical movement of rock is slowly applying EDM undertones but that our civilization is employing unsustainable approaches to the manner in which we live our lives. While being arguably a dubstep track, this new sound still holds true to Muse’s roots of progressive rock and is leading us to think that they won’t stop there and much of their new album will have a similar tone. Let us know what you think.

Personally, I do not particularly enjoy this track past its 1 minute long introduction, that being the case I still thought it would be worth sharing.

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The video is available as a download once you have pre-ordered the album from their website: Pre-order Muse’s album here