Your EDM had the chance to sit down with trance superstars, Super 8 & Tab, and catch up on how their year has been going. Signed to the infamous Anjunabeats label, Super 8 & Tab have made a big name for themselves ever since they began together in 2005. Coming off hit tracks such as Awakenings (Original Mix) and their massive collaboration with Tritonal, The Arc (Original Mix), it is easy to say they have had a successful 2012 season. Check out the interview below!


Q: Where are you guys originally from?

A: Finland!


Q: What is one of your favorite clubs you have played in?

A: Well we sold out Exchange LA and that was a crazy night so that one makes our list. Overall their are so many unique clubs around the world it’s hard to pick!


Q: How was working with Tritonal on The Arc (Original Mix)?

A: We barely even met in the studio, we transferred the file over the internet since we are not from the states. They would send us over a copy, we would tweak it, add parts of our own, send it back, and on and on. Then once we decided on it, we met in their studio to do the final mastering of it. It was a pretty interesting experience doing most of the collaboration over the internet!


Q: Whats one of the cooler experiences you’ve had on tour? 

A: We played the first Trance party at a place just outside of Buenos Aires which turned out to be amazing. When we showed up to the venue they were playing really deep house and we were worried that the crowd wouldn’t respond well to a change in music, but we were wrong. The crowd was loving it and the owner of the club had to come up to us at the end of the night to tell us to stop playing because the club was closing. Needless to say the crowd wasn’t happy we stopped and starting asking for more which was very cool.


Q:What can we expect in the future from Super 8 & Tab?

A: More collaborations and more touring! basically just doing what we love. 


Q: What program do you like to use as producers?

A: We mainly use Logic, but we also know how to use Ableton. We like Logic because it’s the first program we started out on, so it’s kind of our bread and butter. Plus, the Logic sound library has a lot of great stuff to use for making trance which makes it nice for inspiration. 



If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Super 8 & Tab’s tracks here!

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