It is finally time for an official preview of Afrojack’s tantalized remix of the uber hit Gangnam Style by K-pop artist PSY, and after having listened to it multiple times over, I am honestly torn. In one hand I was expecting an actual remix, one that was based on the overly played anthem, as I was curious to see what Afrojack would do to rejuvenate the song, but instead we are greeted by this unrecognizable result. Afrojack’s remix’s only resemblance to the original is the fact that he forcibly inputs some vocal samples, other than that, it just sounds like an original piece. The instrumental of the track in and of itself is actually decent and very reminiscent of his past hits, but it is most definitely not what we were promised. So like I said, I am disappointed because we are not really given what we were anticipating but instead Afrojack delivered a trademarked original that sounds just like his past tracks, so should I really be complaining? Let us know what you think!

UPDATE: Yes I should be complaining, we should expect more from producers than the simple rehashing of old synths, especially when given the opportunity to remix the first song to hit 1 billion views. Afrojack you can do better.