As I try to escape the repetitiveness that is a lot of mainstream EDM I have begun to dig deeper into the deep and underground house scenes, and one name that has stood out above the rest to me has been Duke Dumont. In my 2012 year end post I proclaimed his track The Giver was my favorite track of 2012, a statement I still stand by. He’s kicking off this year with another fantastic tune titled Need U (100%) with vocals by A*M*E. Need U (100%) is all about the groove, and its execution is perfect. This track to me is extremely diverse; it works for both kicking back and relaxing and for the club.

Duke Dumont ft. A*M*E – Need U (100%):

If I’ve got you hooked with that track, and hopefully I have, Duke also has just done a fabulous Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. The thing I’m starting to love about deep house, which many have probably known for a long time, is how lost you can get in the mix when you’re paying attention to the subtleties. It seems as though deep house is becoming increasingly popular stateside, so don’t be surprised if you see his name start popping up more and more over here across the pond. Listen & grab the free download: