You have to hand it to Sonny Moore and his management team, creating a full featured, albeit short video game that starred his music and an enjoyable twist on a classic tale, is definitely one of the most innovative ways I have seen an artist market their brand. Unlike other EDM influenced games such as Deadmau5’s recently released “Shred Neffland: featuring Deadmau5”, Skrillex Quest does not brandish Sonny’s head or cartoonish incarnation for the entirety of the game, his only role is that of the end boss. And that is why Skrillex Quest is much more memorable and successful than other video game marketing attempts; other than the well¬†orchestrated soundtrack, this title does not focus on the artist himself. It strays from the habitual, “Hey here’s deadmau5 on a snowboard, buy our clothes and his music now!”, Skrillex Quest is more successful as a marketing technique because it doesn’t seem like one.

Skrillex Quest was developed by Jason Oda and the man deserves the credit he’s received for having developed such a fun and well designed world, ridden with old school game¬†references. What I hope comes out of the popularity of such an original marketing medium is that more artists will undertake such a method to foster their brand awareness. Only time will tell though.

If you haven’t played it yet, do yourself a favor and do it now!

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