In an attempt to cover an even more broad range of music, we are introducing a new section on Your EDM called Your EDM+. In this section we will be highlighting songs that are still electronic music but aren’t necessarily dance hits for the club. They will range from electronica, beat music, trip hop, ambient, experimental, and whatever else we think may be appealing. We would love to get any feedback you all may have about the new section, especially if there are any alternative styles of electronic music you want to see covered. To kick things off in the section, we have a long anticipated new song from The Postal Service.

After a hiatus spanning nearly 10 years, The Postal Service, the side-project of Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello, is back with a long awaited glimpse of new material. For years Ben Gibbard openly denied that the duo would ever reunite to create their effervescent electro-pop beats that generated the group some much acclaim back in 2003, but as the infamous adage suggests, never say never. Earlier today, The Postal Service took to Youtube to release the official track not the official video of their latest track, A Tattered Line of String. A Tattered Line of String, is one of the two new tracks that is set to be released with the group’s re-release of  their album Give Up which is set to launch on April 9th of this year. The group is also set to tour the world starting in early April as well, however most tickets are already sold out so make sure to check the tour dates and purchase remaining tickets here!