As a means of saying thank you for accruing 30,000 fans on Facebook, the rising duo hailing from Santa Barbara, California, Candyland, recently gave away Brown and Gammon‘s remix of their tune Bring The Rain. Straying from their heavier style, Brown and Gammon‘s remix supports Lexi Forche‘s alluring vocals with an array of panning synths alongside exquisite melodies and guitar riffs. Brown and Gammon‘s remix is the first representation of the remixes to be featured on their forthcoming Bring The Rain Remixes EP and their rendition clearly sets the bar for what we can expect from this forthcoming release. So without any further ado, I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and snag this free download by liking Candyland on Facebook here! Enjoy.

Candyland – Bring The Rain (Brown & Gammon Remix) | Download