Normally, it takes an awful lot of  skill in order for a track to make our heads turn and have our ears craving more, but this upcoming remix by Trance duo Allen & Envy had us hooked right from the first listen. It isn’t unnatural for artists of this caliber, as they are seasoned veterans who have coexisted in the scene for more than 20 years, soaking up knowledge and wisdom to make themselves into two of the hottest duos in the scene. And this perfectly transitions into their production ideologies and technical skills.  Their production chops are toughened and their sense of musical production gained the attention of many Trance artists. Their remix of Myk Bee & Jarmin Von Nitely‘s Reinspired goes above and beyond many Trance tracks and even exceeds expectations on many marks. Utilizing an infectious and catchy, but emotional hook, these two bring the track to a true Uplifting masterpiece, worthy of any dance floor around the world.



Allen & Envy take the hook of the soothing Original and beef up the lows and the highs to create a supreme track with high emotional octane flowing through every beat. Brilliant build ups and subtle headphone work marks the start of Reinspired, as a fierce bass kick and textural acidic lines clash against the beautiful synthwork and equally divine chordal progression that falls alongside it. The breakdown brings the flow of the piece to an ebb as curious, wondrous droplets of music splash onto the blank canvas, with effects bring the energy to the forefront. Luscious, interchangeable chords emerge like the sunrise to pronounce its glorious message as the clean and energetic basslines provide structure and balance. The chord progression is grand and intricate, with plenty of clashing suspensions and non linear movement to please many ears. The build up arrives at a fast pace as the drop combines both the hard hitting basslines with the dazzling, grand chordal progression into a highly emotionally charged force of nature, creating a deep impact on the listener, while still retaining that memorable and iconic melodic hook.

The truly amazing aspect of this track is just how well Allen & Envy managed to balance both energy and emotional impact, two very crucial elements when dealing with Uplifting Trance. An iconic piece needs to have that deep, emotional moment in which it permeates the soul and unlocks all sense of rampant emotions in your mind. However, it also needs to have that drive, that edge in order to fully exemplify that emotional state and make it realize its full potential as an iconic melody. By taking out the extra touches and focusing mainly on the melody, Allen & Envy have created a titan of a track, big enough to play at an event of thousands of people, but integral enough to maintain the true facets of Uplifting Trance. We here at Your EDM know talent when we see it and these two are definitely going places, even farther than their twenty years of experience have before. And we can’t wait to see what areas they will launch into next. Allen & Envy‘s tremendous remix of Myk Bee & Jarmin Von Nitely‘s Reinspired will be released on D.Max Recordings in the future, so keep it locked to Your EDM with more information, Trance fans.

Keep the music alive. -Q