Yesterday Krewella released their 4th troll mix entitled, “Get Ripped or Die Trying”. The hour long song takes samples from other popular artists like alternative rock group Blink-182 and rapper Lil Jon, pulling them together into a bass heavy dubstep sound that Krewella is known for. Their 3 previous mix’s followed the same pattern, sampling from well known songs and artists that no doubt have the ability to get you pumped up when you take a listen. With this new track they take an interesting turn by adding some hardstyle beats through out. Different from normal, but nonetheless giving it an awesome feel overall.

The thing that always gets me is these album covers, on all 4 mix covers you can see RainMan (Kris), Jahan, and Yasmine in troll doll form. These girls are always sporting those little crazy haired troll dolls in instagram shots and vines, only seems right that they’d put them on their album covers too. Be sure to check out the rest of their troll mix’s in the link below, all of them are up for free download!

Download Mixes Here!