For many us, back in late 2011 it seemed like we couldn’t escape the song “No Beef”, a collab done by Steve Aoki and Afrojack otherwise known as Afroki. You probably were relieved when you could finally go out to a show and not hear the track being played whether it be a remix or not. However, it may be time to watch out again because from the looks of it Afroki might be making a comeback.

This past Tuesday (April 30th, 2013) Afrojack and Steve Aoki were caught playing together at the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam. From the looks of the festival lineup, only Aoki was scheduled to preform the one day fest, so the appearance of Afrojack was a surprise for the crowd at the main stage. Could this mean the official return of Afroki? Nothing is forsure quite yet, but who knows, this could be a sign of a new song from the duo or maybe even something more permanent. Keep your eyes peeled these following weeks and months for this group again and what they could be cooking up.