BT recently unveiled a lengthy rant aimed toward fellow artist, Porter Robinson. Talking via his Twitter, BT explained how 3 years ago his agent had tipped him off to check out the myspace of Porter Robinson and that he was blown away by his music. Feeling inspired, BT reached out to Porter Robinson and struck up a friendship with the budding talent and even began working on a few tracks with him.

BT then notes that before long, Porter became “Surrounded by a team of advisers” and it became harder to reach the rising star. Then, Porter decided that he could no longer finish the tracks they had been working on together and that he would be working on other tracks. This decision hurt BT considerably and he recalls on his own experience with Sasha and how he had helped bring him into the industry.

And I vowed to do the same thing someday when I could and I have done it repeatedly.” BT stated. “It feels great to pay it forward and most importantly to remember that whatever you do, there has always been help to achieve it that deserves acknowledgement. That & especially in dance music.

BT then wraps the rant up with a message to young producers saying: “So much has come before you to make what you do possible. It deserves your acknowledgement and respect.

Tiësto also chimed in agreeing with BT on the lack of loyalty shown by younger producers, but then deleted the original tweet. Porter Robinson has yet to respond but we will keep you updated as more information unfolds.
Below is BT’s rant in full, from start to end.

-Nick Ward @NickWard20