There’s some bad news and a bit of good news that has recently developed in regards to Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method. Bad news first, Scott will be unable to tour this fall due to complications with his health. Speaking about his recent health troubles, Scott Kirkland had this to say, “Many months ago I started experiencing short, but painful headaches. Thinking they were related to too many flights (or one too many flights of tequila), I didn’t think too much about it, but during my annual checkup I mentioned the headaches to my doctor. She recommended a brain MRI. Scary, but No big deal, right???

Unfortunately the MRI revealed that Scott is suffering from what is known as a ‘benign posterior fossa arachnoid cyst’. This is where that bit of good news comes in however. Thankfully, the condition is usually non-fatal and with proper care a full recovery can be expected. So unfortunately, The Crystal Method will not be touring this Summer. Instead, Scott will focus on getting better and come out swinging in the Fall. We wish Scott the best and look forward to his full recovery. 

Read the full statement from the band here.