In Japan, land of the Yakuza, capsule hotels, and ridiculous vending machines, dancing is under attack. In Japan’s third largest city, Osaka, authorities have recently begun a series of crackdowns on clubs and their owners. Invoking the old “Fueiho” laws, which are basically morally based laws regarding adult entertainment and some other areas, authorities have harassed business owners who’s patrons have the audacity to dance.

The law states that clubs must close exceptionally early and have at least 66 square meters of unobstructed dance floor space. In land starved Japan, where space runs at a premium price, this is all but impractical for small club owners. This leaves many individuals at the mercy of the police who are supposedly acting on noise complaints and to reduce drug use associated with nightclubs.

Japanese culture is famously reserved and this crackdown on the more eccentric aspects of society is somewhat expected. As a nightlife enthusiast though,this development saddens me greatly. Nightlife besides being the livelihood of DJ’s, promoters, owners, and many others, also is a culture in and of itself. Ibiza would have never achieved world fame without the help of a thriving nightlife industry. Hopefully the authorities in Osaka will take the time to understand that which they are cracking down on before they end it largely.

Source: The Guardian

@Brett Edgerly