Disclaimer: We know this editorial is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way… We don’t dislike these tracks, we just had something to say about them.

It seems as of late the formula for success relies on a gnarly pitched Hardstyle kick and some form of percussive shenanigans, often married with a big room random progressive melody. You don’t have to look any farther than the number one tune on BeatportAnimals by Martin Garrix to exemplify this recent trend in popular “Electro House”. I haven’t been to a show in the last few weeks where I didn’t hear Animals played at least three times, including remixes. I don’t blame the DJs who are jumping on this bandwagon, the track is 100% killer. But, as of late everyone seems to be jumping on this style to the point where it has become borderline hilarious.

As such, we’ve compiled ten songs that ride this formula (sometimes into the ground). That said creativity isn’t dead in EDM it’s just taking an extended vacation. So without further ado, let’s pay homage to this new trend and hope that it doesn’t become a lasting staple of the EDM scene…


#1. Animals – Martin Garrix

What can we really say about this song. We hear it everywhere and it undeniably slays the dance floor, I’m conflicted I love it but it’s quickly heading the way of Le7els, as a weapon of mass dance in literally every DJs arsenal.

#2. LRAD – Knife Party

One of the OG ‘subkick’ tunes, Knife Party came out swinging with this one on their Haunted House EP. Just like Animals, I haven’t been to a show for a minute where this hasn’t been dropped at least once. The melody is so infectious it’s hard to dislike but again it proves that a clear recipe for recognition as of late involves no more than 3 synths and a heavy pitch kick.

#3. No Good – Sultan + Ned Sheppard & Fedde Le Grand

Also a Beatport Top 10 tune, No Good is not a bad tune. But it seriously doesn’t push any boundaries and lacks innovation. Which brings us to our next tune

#4. Clanga – Michael Woods

Ok so at least Clanga has some semblance of a bassline. I like that. Basslines are good. But what kills me about this one is the sample. “Funky fresh beat!” That might be a bit of an overstatement. Oh and did I mention its currently sitting the Top 10?

#5. Springen – MAKJ

So I can indeed confirm that Springen is music. Yep.

#6. Clarity – Zedd ft. Foxes (Tiesto Remix)

Really even you Tiesto? You made Adagio For Strings and you had something like Clarity to work with and this is what you do? Last time I checked pianos had more than three keys. For shame.

#7. FTampa – Kick It Hard

This track kind of surprised me. Not for its content, no, just the fact that it was made by FTampa, who I typically associate with beautiful Brazilian Complextro. The name says it all Kick It Hard, not sure how much more fitting it could be. This song isn’t even out yet, but I think I know what to expect.

#8 Alive – Krewella (Hardwell Remix)

Hardwell‘s remix for Alive is probably the only song on this entire list that I actually dislike, with such an awesome track to work with Hardwell seriously dropped the ball. Much to my displeasure I had to review the song on its release and I honestly struggled to find anything to talk about with this track.

#9. Thunder – W&W

I’m sort of running out of anything to say. So here’s another tune by artists I really respect W&W.

10. Cannonball – Showtek & Justin Prime

I’m gonna give Showtek a huge pass on this one. The brothers are awesome guys and they have a Hardstyle legacy so I can’t say anything bad at all. I would argue Cannonball had a big role in popularizing this sound, so that’s why I include it last on this list and with the most praise out of any of these songs.

Again, I’ll repeat that with the exception of the Hardwell tune, I actually like these songs. But this recent trend has homogenized the popular sound in a way that is troubling to me. Everyone and their mother is beating the hell out of sub-ey pitch kicks and it’s beginning to get on my nerves. Everyday we get tons of demoes copying this style and it’s really hard to get excited about something that sounds like one gigantic edit of one song. Maybe Daft Punk wasn’t too far off with thinking that EDM was just one guy, any of these artists could have made any if not all of the songs on this list. A lot of artists’ signature styles seem to be coalescing as of late and although it’s not abymsaterribad yet, it’s beginning to get old… at least to me.


Just a little cherry on top.