If Eric Prydz and Fehrplay hadn’t been seen in the same room before then I’d be convinced they were the same person. To clarify on that statement, I’m not saying they sound the same in the way we’ve been talking about how a lot of the commercial hits sound the same, but their brilliance in the way they produce shines through in a very similar light. It’s the difference between telling a story vs. sharing a journey, going through life vs.  actually living it, making sounds vs. making music. These are some of the things that separate all great artists from those who just scratch the surface of the industry. Fehrplay’s newest track, Monte, was previewed earlier today and it’s flawless. It takes a unique skill to be able to mix tranquility and ambience into a song that will make someone want to dance and move but Fehrplay seems to have no trouble flirting between the two. Monte is set to release July 29th on Pryda Friends, mark it in your calendars because you won’t want to miss it.