Forget Swedish house, remember Swedish techno. Beyer releases some of the darkest techno on the market and I love it. Something Good To Die For is as dark as they come and an incredible display of building a track from start to finish. If you’ve seen one of his sets, he doesn’t just play music; he takes you on a journey and builds up your emotions and movement perfectly throughout the 4-6 hours he plays for. It’s a special thing that gets taken for granted nowadays since a lot of artists are restricted to two hour sets. Beyer is also all about the crowd dancing over cameras flashing. He recently talked about one of his new favorite clubs, Output in Brooklyn, and how he loves their no camera policy and the pure energy of the crowd. More clubs should look into Output’s outlook on clubbing and get back to the music instead of the glamour.

Beyer is also the owner of Drumcode Records and host of the popular podcast Drumcode Live. His podcast takes hour long clips from a recent set that he or another DJ did, and some guest mixes are thrown in as well. If you’re a techno fan I’m sure you’ve already listened, but if not, I highly recommend exploring the darker side of electronic music. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Drumcode Session 152: