In the latest installment of electronic-related Reddit AMAs, the CEO of Beatport, Matthew Adell, took to r/music to answer questions about the website. While many AMAs are more entertaining than informational, this session was jam-packed with info about Beatport, SFX, and the future of electronic dance music.

In one question, Adell answered to the issue of sponsored posts, explaining that it is a common practice and the most important part is maintaining an honest relationship with users.

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Speaking of money, Adell also addressed the fact that Beatport charges more per track than other services.

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Predictably, some Reddit users were curious about the CEO’s opinion on the monotony seen in the Beatport Top 100, as well as the emergence of parody mixes that illustrate the phenomenon.

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Questions also touched on how Beatport will look when the “EDM bubble” inevitably collapses. Adell stated many times throughout the AMA that while “EDM” may be a fad, electronic music will continue to thrive with its true fans, as it has for many years.

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Another very interesting and relevant question centered on the company’s acquisition by SFX, who have been garnering media attention for their many recent ventures into the EDM industry.

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Overall, there were many interesting tidbits to absorb from this AMA. Other responses revealed that Beatport will be adding pre-release purchase and listening services next year, as well as improving their mobile capabilities. Also, Adell’s three favorite DJs include¬†Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, and Colette. In addition, we learned that the Beatport CEO has the ability to dish out very polite but effective burns to stupid questions.

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To read more, check out the full AMA on Reddit.