House/Nu Disco superstar, Touch Sensitive, who was also the man behind last years smash, “Real Talk“, is collaborating with visual artist, Ego, on an exciting musical project utilizing Instagram videos. It’s backed by Nissan Juke; so how it works is that you film something, hashtag VJuke, and the guys will listen to it. Basically, every week they will call out different elements they need, whether it be for drums, leads, etc. and who knows, maybe they’ll use yours!

This is a intriguing idea that is sure to break ground with the use of mostly live elements. I’m a huge fan of the electronic side to dance music, but a lot of times, the raw, acoustic elements get tossed aside in effort to create more mechanical, grittier sounds. However, all it takes is one listen to Touch Sensitive to hear his remarkable ear for various melodies and musical elements, both acoustic and electronic, that really separate his work from all other musicians. Teaming this talent up with the brilliant mind of Ego is sure to be a success so check out the video below and start Instagram-ing! Just rememeber, #VJuke!