Graphene, the “miracle material“, is stronger than steel yet is also impossibly thin, measuring at one-atom thick. That’s thin..about the same thickness as Saran Wrap. It has been discovered for years, but researchers are beginning to make breakthroughs about how to use this incredible substance. Cambridge University is among the leaders of this charge, and the Cambridge Innovation and Knowledge Centre has recently developed “grapheme-based electronic ink”. This ink paves the way for flexible displays and the electronic toy piano you’ll see in the video below.



With this discovery it certainly opens the possibility for graphene midi controllers that could allow musicians to carry an array of super thin instruments without ever needing to worry about space, breakage or weight. The incredibly flexible screens would also be useful for basic displays. More information begin shown to the artists in increasingly convenient ways would hopefully translate to even more intricate shows and productions.

Graphene is truly a material of the future, perhaps not that far from today. If you’d like to find out more about this amazing material click here and check out the “miracle material” link up top.

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