German producer Flula ushers in the coming of Anchorman 2 with his techno creation utilizing the film’s cast. In a sort of interview, Flula asks each of them to provide samples that he recorded and mapped to his Novation controller. Whether it’s a kick drum, hi-hat, bass or Champ Kind’s signature WHAMMY!, he gets some sick samples that he then proceeded to create a song with.
Of course, he took things his usual techno route for a hell of a dance track. His creative juices were flowing like Ron Burgundy’s scotch with the only disappointment being that there is no download for it. Which means we can’t pop it in our jams 🙁

If the movie is as funny as this and the other marketing manifestations then everyone should be satisfied. For those of you who have seen the movie, leave your comments below but no spoilers please!