Uplifting prophet Adam Ellis has almost concluded the most important year of his career as his vast talents have swept the entire Trance scene by storm. Starting out with his remix to Planet Perfecto‘s classic, Bullet In The Gun, he has skyrocketed into the big leagues with huge support from KEARNAGE and Mental Asylum on his remixes to Matt Bowdidge‘s Still By Your Side and Bryan Kearney & Jamie Walker‘s collaboration, We’ll Never Die. Along with his numerous successful remixes, his single of Napalm Poet is widely regarded as the number one fan favorite of 2013 and shot up to #1 on the Beatport Trance charts upon release; (which is not an easy feat to accomplish). His sound is an unusual combination between his undying passion of true Trance and his ferociousness of blistering Tech Trance as he tries his best to establish no nonsense Trance that many older fans can appreciate, whilst educating new comers to the music that inspires him. His fascination of Pure Trance has caught the attention of the mighty behemoth that is John O’Callaghan and has been taken under his wing as a protege to the Subculture brand. As a token of appreciation, Subculture has dedicated their final release of 2013 to both Adam Ellis and Jordan Suckley under one package, with Ellis‘s single of Mandarine and Suckley‘s single of Take No Prisoners. As the highly anticipated follow up track to his tour de force of Napalm Poet, Ellis has devoted his next single to the legions of fans that supported his recent liveset in Argentina, which is widely regarded as one of the best countries to ever play.




Mandarine starts out with a subtle, cheeky sample from Coming Soon‘s single, Ayahuasca, before rolling up his sleeves and getting down to work with fat, seismic basskicks and equally powerful basslines. Even though the beginning packs a punch, (along with snaking acidic lines and Techno hi-hats), it still retains a sense of cleanliness and precision, and definitely emulates elements of sound production from high end producers such as Giuseppe Ottaviani and Solarstone. But rather than completely delve into that Pure Trance sound, it contains that Subculture touch of edginess and power, along with Ellis‘s signature touch. The breakdown features twinking ostinatos as the basslines take the stage with a gorgeous, cutting edge timbre as a swath of swirling white noise pulls us into the depths of unlimited musical potential. Then, a wonderful pairing of sixteenth melodies intertwine within their growing conversations as a host of subtleties such as male vocal reverbs, angelic vocal sweeps, rising synth lines and symbol crashes add an element of suspense and tension, while also sprinkling more depth through the phrase. The two main synth lines finally reach their full potential as the rapid nature of their voices bring about a grand stage of stunning Trance melodies that booms throughout cavernous halls and huge arenas. Finally, with an incoming buildup that features screaming synths, snapping acid bites and frantic drums, it explodes in a burst of sunshine as the full on minor melodies bellow out ideas of old that contains that same spark and liveliness that Napalm Poet did, but with a completely different sound and style to showcase his amazing versatility.

Adam Ellis‘s single of Mandarine will be out next week on Subculture, so set your calendars to nab this stunning Trance pick. Also, make sure you check out Jordan Suckley‘s newest single entitled Take No Prisoners! And most importantly, SUPPORT NEW TALENT!


Keep the music alive. -Q