You’ll see in a second why Black Sun Empire and Noisia couldn’t just pick one winner of the remix contest for their track “Hideous.” The Hideous Remixes EP is out now and it is comprised of six winning tracks from artists like Haywyre, Dr. Ozi and Seamless. I guarantee you’re going to be listening all the way through the entire project because each track brings so much to the table.
Haywyre starts things off with the most unique rendition of “Hideous.” Despite the name, he makes it sound quite beautiful; the alluring overall tone grabs your ears and doesn’t let go. It’s easily one of my favorites. Doctrine takes his turn next with a massive neurofunk remix. His ability to manipulate rhythms equates to every listener grooving when this banger is coming through some speakers. Third in line is Dr. Ozi who delivered a huge dubstep anthem that has some of the best sound design on the EP. All I have to say; this one is big. You could probably say the same thing for Seamless and Shaun Law‘s remix, which comes next. When I wanna hear some electro house, this kind of stuff is what comes to mind. Disprove gives us our first real taste of drum & bass with The Clamps and Redject‘s track falling under a similar umbrella. However, they have two completely different styles and they finish off the EP with a bang. Grab all of these remarkable remixes on Beatport to enjoy them wherever you please.
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