With starting a record label comes responsibility, a responsibility that was taken on with Your EDM Records and that was to bring nothing but good music to light. To kick off our first release on the label is none other than LeDoom with his upcoming track Surface. We got to talk with LeDoom and ask him a few questions. Check it out:

1) what is 2014 going to be like for LeDoom? Where do you consider yourself in your career?

A: Well.. 2014 has started pretty crazy so far tbh! Ended up signing a deal to get sync licensing with my music through “Division Of Sound” which I am very stoked to be a part. I also have begun working on a sample pack series which I can’t speak too much on right now and also began teaching at a local production school here in Austin Texas called “Dub Academy” which I am very happy to be apart of. Aside from those things happening, I am gearing up for a mini tour here in mid February and then that will be leading into SXSW (South By Southwest Music Festival). I’ve been working really hard on a lot of new material as well as launching a new project called “MSCLS” (pronounced muscles) which is a house alias that will be debuting in a matter of days. As far as where I see myself in my career it’s a little hard to say looking at in from the inside but I feel as if maybe it’s at a pivotal point with some of the recent developments happening at the moment. Honestly, I’m just stoked for everything that’s happened so far with my career in music and can’t wait to see what happens next. Working hard, staying focused, and keeping a positive look on everything is the ultimate game plan for 2014 and beyond!

2) If you weren’t producing or dj’ing what would you be doing with your life?

A: Well that’s hard to think about because music is really the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do but, if it was gonna be one thing it would honestly be cooking. I actually almost went to the CIA (Culinary Institute Of America) right after I got out of high school but ended up going to college for music business. I do still think about it at times and I love to cook and grill and etc.. so who knows, maybe one day when the time is right I can open my own restaurant which would be kick ass!

3) If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

A: Damn!!!!!! That’s such a difficult question haha. There’s so many people I would love to be able to work with in the studio and it’s really hard to choose one because it ranges from fellow producers to bands and other musicians or artists. If I did have to choose one, it would more than likely be Daft Punk. Aside from the more obvious reasons, I honestly think it would be an amazing experience to see what working on music is like through their ears and eyes. Those guys have been a huge influence on me since I was a kid and I hate to be the cliche but it’s true.

4) Where do you see dance music going in the next few years? do you see any trends coming back?

A: That’s a pretty difficult one to judge.. Especially considering the way the past few years have been going and the rate at which musical trends have been born and then tossed away to die. That sounds kind of harsh but it’s a crazy reality that has been going on for several years now. It feels like electronic music has become so disposable that it’s really hard to gauge what will last and what won’t. The one thing I will say remains a true fact is that GOOD music is GOOD music. It can be trap, or dub step, or dancehall, or moombahton or any sound really. A good record is timeless and genre less in the sense that i don’t think you’re thinking about the genre it was made in or sounds used as much of how well the record was made or what kind of memories you have attached to it or the feeling it gives you when it’s been a while since you’ve heard it. I think with all the different palettes available and diff sounds and influences going on (past, present, future) that it will allow people to make timeless records hopefully that defy genre and classification ; meaning that most notable thing that will be remember will be how good the record as a whole instead how good it was for the genre or period etc.

5) Tell us a bit about “Surface” coming out February 10th on Your EDM Records (Out Now). What did you like most about producing it. Inspiration?

A: Well it’s a track that I had a lot of fun writing actually. I normally tend to write in minor keys, just a personal preference (mainly because it has a bit more feel to it IMO) but I wrote the main melody and chords in a major key which I was really happy with the way it came out. Its kind of weird/hard to explain the writing process to be fair because I just kind of start writing and see where it goes and if I end up happy with something I keep going until I finish it. Something I do wanna mention though is the acid synth used in the main riff of the track. I really do like the sound of resonant acid squelchy synths but a lot , mainly because Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” is one of the first electronic songs I heard when I was a kid. It just has this cool feel to it that I don’t think get’s heard or used enough.

6) What is the main goal you hope to accomplish this year?

A: Wow that’s a huge questions that can have a to of different answers haha. There are a ton of different goals I want to complete this year, almost to many to even name. The main goal or mentality I’ve been gunning for though is to work as hard as I possibly can and to just keep a positive attitude and mentality. You would be surprised how little you get done being negative vs staying positive. Seems like a pretty cheesy thing to say I guess but honestly keeping a good attitude has increased my workflow ten times over and has allowed me to get a lot of things done in the process which I’m stoked on. Also I would really like to get a full us tour going this year! I’ve done several smaller ones in the past but it would be cool to be able to bring a small production on the road and have that aspect which is also something I’ve been working towards as well!