I know what you are thinking, “Why the hell does it matter what comes out of Paris Hilton‘s mouth and why is she still Djing?” You’re poignant point has been defended against by a fairly invulnerable remark she made in an interview with V Magazine: “I’m doing what I love.” Now it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe her – I mean, who wouldn’t want to get paid large sums to DJ James Cameron’s Oscar Party, or have a residency in Ibiza – because the fact of the matter is that she is doing something.

“… and selling out shows all around the world, and I’m getting paid a lot of money to do it. I’m passionate and I work hard to keep bettering my music, my sets, and myself. That’s what really matters.

I don’t think she could fake DJing every single performance she has ever had; and I’m not accusing her of cheating, but she is showing some zeal for something, being music, that has an effect on individuals. Why do you think people are so tender about Paris Hilton Djing? They feel she has tainted the very thing we hold dearly to our hearts (and minds for that matter), but when it’s all said and done she enjoys the music and is a fan like you and I. Some of you are despising this, I know, but it’s all true. She is doing what she seems to enjoy and it just happens to be that she is getting a lot of money and attention for it.

But… It’s like, are you even going to have to encounter her at a show? Paris Hilton is like a brand (not that I am saying she isn’t a respectable human being, because obviously I wouldn’t take the time out of my day to do this if I didn’t think her point was valid), so if you want to think about it, then do it commercially and with her previous point in mind. She’s performed at places that, although enticing, are high-class or can be labeled by a loose usage of the term “mainstream.”

We don’t go to those places anyways and the meat of the dance music industry is in up and coming producers who DO WHAT THEY LOVE and DONT GET PAID FOR IT… yet. I’m hoping for many of them that may become the case. Guys like Prince Fox, Harikiri and TOER are pushing themselves everyday to create good music and get exposure, but some people would rather hate on Paris or oogle over her when a story comes up, instead of find these talented artists and support them.

Let this be a lesson to everybody; whether you think she worked hard or not, YOU still have to work hard to get where you want to be and that journey will make the success that much more succulent. You not only should apply this to yourself, but you should push the people that you want around in a direction that is purely positive, whether it’s your family, friends, internet friends, artists or a writer 😉

Source: V Magazine