Despite the saying “all’s fair in love and war” – things seem to be all love and no war between Zomboy and Skrillex. After Skrillex dropped a redux of Zomboy’s redux (of Untitled DJ Tool) ‘Terror Squad’ in the form of ‘All’s Fair In Love and Brostep’ off of Sonny’s new album ‘Recess’, many in the EDM community took the track to mean that shots had been fired.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with both Zomboy and Skrillex publicly pronouncing their continued bro-dom. Zomboy claims to have heard DJ Tool while hanging out with Skrillex in LA. Continuing on, he claims that making an incredibly similar track was not his intention and that DJ Tool must have clung to his subconscious.

At any rate it’s a funny situation and both parties have been good sports about it; with Zomboy confessing to a potentially (if minutely) embarrassing gaff and Skrillex releasing his tune anyways with a good natured jab at his fellow brostepper. Check out the post below.