The mighty Far Too Loud made his transition to Never Say Die this year, after a string of releases on sister label No Tomorrow. His first release came in January with ‘Doomsday Machine’, with ode to big beat ‘Acid 9000’ on the flip. A couple of months back saw a Beatport remix competition for the track, and the winner was young producer 5C4R. With the remix coming out next month via the NSD x UKF Vol.3 album, we had a chat with both artists and Far Too Loud unveils his exclusive promo mix.

Far Too Loud, you just played a few dates in Australia and New Zealand, how was it being on the other side of the world playing out your music?

Australia is always a lot of fun to visit and play.  It’s the fourth trip I’ve done so it’s familiar territory now.  I was glad to hit up places like Chinese Laundry and Ambar again where the crowd is always buzzing.  It’s great to see friends and sample some of that top wine and seafood too.

The ‘Acid 9000’ remix competition with Beatport was huge. Did you expect that many entries and how did you finally come to pick 5C4R?

I didn’t really stop to think about how many people might enter, but when I started going through them all (and I did check every one of them!) I was certainly pleasantly surprised at the number.  The label and I both made shortlists, which turned out to be pretty much the same anyway, then we narrowed down from those to pick the winner.  I was listening for something that would work well in a club and with the sound of NSD.

5C4R, congrats on winning Far Too Loud’s ‘Acid 9000’ remix competition.  Were you shocked to find out he picked you as the winner? How does it feel to be releasing the track on Never Say Die UKF Vol.3? 

Thank you! I was actually very shocked to find out I was the winner! Beyond excited and really proud I’m going to have my remix released on the NSD / UKF Vol.3 album.

Where did the name 5CAR come from? 

I was trying to be creative. I didn’t even know if I was going to keep that name or not!

How long have you been producing for and what is your set up? 

5C4R: I have been producing music for a year and a half. I have both a laptop and desktop. I downloaded the demo version of FL studio and taught myself to use it over that time. When I found out I won, I bought the full version of FL studio and remade my remix from the beginning.

Who are your top three influences that have inspired you to produce? 

The main reason I wanted to start to produce music is Skrillex. I was first introduced to his music when a friend of mine had me listen to the Bangarang EP. I loved it. I also started listening to his other tracks and was hooked because of his unique sound. I also like him as a person and his taste in various genres of music. I see the artists he has signed on OWSLA, and they are just phenomenal to listen to because their genres sound different, and I like that. Another influence I have is Deadmau5, and that’s where I found out about FL Studio. Then there is Eptic. Now Eptic’s music has a unique twist to it. He puts in sounds that sound like it would be in a video game. Of course I found him out through Never Say Die!

FTL, was the 5C4R’s rework a clear winner? 

Funnily enough, it was! It was close though, there were a definite top three for me.  It was nice to see the odd familiar name pop up in the list of remixes too.

We last heard some original material from you in January with ‘Doomsday Machine’. Got anything lined up for the near future?

I’ve just finished a new original track and also been in the studio with Electrixx this week finishing up a collaboration, so there’s those to look forward to.

Never Say Die are releasing Zomboy’s debut LP this summer. Do you think we will be seeing a Far Too Loud album?

I’ve kind of always been happy just writing club tracks and releasing them as singles or EPs but I’m finally starting to have ideas about a full album. A project for 2015 I think!

5C4R, we know you can remix a track very well, have you got any original material planned? 

I’ve been producing original music for a long time now. Shortly after the remix winner was announced, I made two tracks that I posted on my SoundCloud page. I am always working on something new.

Take a listen to 5C4R’s winning remix here and download Far Too Loud’s Vol.3 album mix below.