Louis The Child has been gaining massive recognition as of late with remixes for Milk N Cookies and Bombay Bicycle Club that, between the two, have garnered over 200,000 plays on their Soundcloud alone (disregarding re-postings on outlets such as THUMP). Today, they bring us a three track EP via Your EDM Records entitled “Nothing Is Real” that ranges from chilled out funk to electro house to glitch hop in a most spectacular fashion.

All three of these tracks are a showcase of LTC‘s excellent production techniques and resilient sound that can, apparently, span many genres.

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The electro-house track for this EP is simply wonderful. Chill, yet uplifting, melodies meld seamlessly as piano chords lead into airy synthesis that defines the Louis The Child sound. Dance-fueled breakdowns and catchy percussion will have you head-bobbing and foot-tapping regardless of if you’re at work or get the incredible opportunity to witness them live. If you’re going to pick up any of these tracks, this is definitely my recommendation and personal favorite.

Someday, You’ll See
With glitch-hop chart-topping potential, Someday, You’ll See is a gorgeous groove-train full of pitch bends and light growls that fulfill a unique vibe only LTC can create. When producers can create material like this that is truly original, well-produced with superb sound design, and maintain a particular sound across an expanse of genres, that’s when you know they are destined for success. Be sure to pick this one up today.

Grab these two via Your EDM Records today.

Nothing Is Real
The chilled out, vibe-heavy track of Louis The Child‘s EP is a brilliant listener’s hit that will mellow you out and put your head in the clouds. Descending plucks and sliding risers throb with a minimal bass-line into a slowed down intermission that still, somehow, remains true to the LTC sound; and, they have made it available for Free Download as a gracious gift to their faithful listeners. So, don’t forget to pick this up alongside the Beatport purchase.