It hasn’t been long since Twine unleashed some furious beats on us, but the up-and-comer doubled down on the success of his “Absolute EP” with another new tape. To celebrate reaching 5,000 fans on Facebook. “5K EP” is loaded just like ‘Absolute’; adding four more gems to the Twine legacy already in the making.

The first track “New Note” leads in like a classic Flux/Doctor P tune before a violent, bass blast takes over. So heavy! A special kind of chaos is needed to keep the hype flowing on a slow, heavy banger, and Twine nailed it here. Excision, take notes. This is a style that so few producers can pull off these days, giving life to the classic dubstep formula once more.

Things get weird on “Headlock,” featuring a freaky beat that’s equally catchy as it is eerie. Can’t name another track that sounds anything like it though, marking this one an off-the-deep-end success. The track is perhaps jaded by its heavy neighbors on the rest of the EP, but its worth the same attention!

Jacob Plant‘s house anthem “Fire” mutates into a drum & bass banger with the Twine treatment. From the first second, this track packs heat comparable to other D&B classics like “Pay Your Own Way” by Tantrum Desire.

Twine closes 5K with one of his heaviest tracks ever, “Bring the Fiyah” with Dr. Ozi. The somewhat modest intro gives way to a thunderstorm of electrified dubstep, perfectly aligned with the works of Funtcase, AFK or Datsik; in other words, it’s top shelf. Another slow, yet mercilessly heavy banger that’ll strike any basshead dead in the heart.

The 5K EP is much appreciated and already obsolete in namesake, as Twine’s following has grown to 6K since its release a few days ago. Give this one a digital whirl and make room at the top for a new bass-slinging giant. He’s already back to work though, with a new single “Mania” to be released on Rottun Records next week. Listen to a preview here and #TWINEUP!

Download The 5K EP HERE.