Arguably regarded one of the top duos of today’s Trance scene, the wonderful force that is Ferrin & Morris do their best to deliver the finest in pure, Progressive Uplifting. Each and every single piece all contain a certain life force within them that not only make their tracks shine with the brightest radiance, but also manages to whisk away listeners on a beautiful journey of vibrant melodies and colors. Alan Morris himself is no stranger to the scene, as his budding solo career has finally exploded into the international scene with Progressive Trance hits such as Regeneration and Jet Stream, as well as his stellar remix to Sean Tyas & Darren Porter‘s smashing collaboration, Nova 7. But Morris aptly rolls up his Uplifting sleeves when he teams up with long time production friend Josh Ferrin and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Rather than cling onto ‘branded’ Trance styles or tailor their sound towards various record labels, Ferrin & Morris strictly focus on creating top of the line quality while doing their best to revitalize the intangible Trance spark that flowed through the golden years of the 90’s. Now, they present a brand new single entitled Amatoria and in it, they personally describe as, “Music for the hearts!“. But I disagree. On some level, this track has the potential to touch every single fiber of your being; from your heart, mind and soul.



The problem that plagues many Uplifting and Progressive Uplifting tracks is that they are often not aestetically powerful enough in order to really leave a lasting imprint upon the listener. Sure, the melodies might be stellar and majestic, but it really doesn’t make a difference if it doesn’t have any real sense of purpose. To the untrained, (and even trained), ear, it ultimately feels like the track is flat, boring and uninviting. However, the reason that I love the Ferrin & Morris sound is that they perfectly combine peak time energy and force, but also manage to keep the delicate levels of Progressive Uplifting in check throughout every single production. This sense of power and drive really gives us something to tangibly hold onto and allows us to be swept away with the ebb and flow of each melodic phrase. I think the best attributes that can describe this incredible tune are Warmth and Depth, as each melody contains a certain glow that gives off a feeling of fuzzy happiness, much like the jolt of heat that shoots up your spine after a long day in the bitter cold. Additionally, the main melodic release contains a copious amount of varying textures and timbres that smoothly glide through each other in real time, yet keenly work together to bring an incredibly complex and intricate production arrangement. Aside from the technical stuff mentioned above, it’s honestly just such an amazing track that you’ll just have to hear it in order to truly understand.

Ferrin & Morris‘ gorgeous new single, Amatoria, is now available on Transistic Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q