In an effort to fully degrade themselves, Soundcloud has taken 70% of Kaskade‘s music off his account, due to copyright. Bombarded by 32 emails in the past couple days, Kaskade is feeling the wrath that is Soundcloud’s newly found balls. Thanks to major labels, Soundcloud is now kicking into gear a campaign that will slaughter up and coming producers and I guess even a few big artists, like Kaskade. Luckily for Kaskade, he has the backing of Ultra, who is seeing that these removals are put back onto his account. Other producers will not have the same luxury. Whether they were mistakes – let’s face it, Soundcloud has a lot of those – or just them doing what they think is right, the fact remains that there are multiple issues here that aren’t being dealt with pragmatically. All I know is, dishing out oppression is not how to fix anything.