It won’t be long before everybody knows the name Infuze. This dude just put out a single with Flinch on SMOG Records and now he has released his Release Yourself EP through Firepower Records. Definitely not a bad past few weeks for the New Yorker. He makes a lot of trap, but to call him a trap producer would be doing this guy a great injustice, because as you will see with this EP he can and does delve outside to create some sick songs.

These happen to be dubstep, but although you can categorize them all under that, they are not the same one bit. His solo single, which also happens to be the title track, is the most dubby you will get out of the three. “Jealousy” with Charlie Vox has a chill vibe similar to the first, however it takes some garage influence which tones down some of the bass to create a new experience to gain from the EP. The last track, “Lucid,” which features Bailey Smalls, is an ambient classic that just may be my favorite single on the project. If you dig what you are hearing, then feel free to hop on over to Beatport to snag the Release Yourself EP.

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