Hailing from Miami, the 26 year old Progressive and Big-Room House DJ and producer, Henrix, contributed this week’s mix. Easily one of the most creative and well constructed we’ve seen thus far, he proves his worth as a major player in this hour alone.

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Exclusive Interview

Something I tend to start my interviews with, can you tell me a little bit about your roots; how you started DJing/Producing?

Well I was born in Brazil but raised in Miami. I grew up listening to everything from Rock to Hip Hop to Brazilian Music. I got into electronic music in my teens but wasn’t full blown into it until maybe the age of 19-20. I started DJing in the after hours/ Underground scene in Miami when I think I was 21-22. A year after I started DJing and mastering the craft I knew if I wanted to get anywhere it would have to be through making music, so thats when I started producing

Who have been your biggest influences in your musical career?

Its hard to pin point a few, I get influenced by so many artists its insane. On the electronic side I want to say the Swedish House Mafia guys, Eric Prydz, Nero, but then I have bands like Pink Floyd (My Favorite band and act of all time), Queen, Coldplay etc… Hip hop guys like Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Jay- z, Mobb Deep and so on. I can sit here for a while and tell you how many musicians have influenced me its crazy haha

This is honestly one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard, what do you put into your sets that makes them so unique and, simply put, awesome?

Thank you! Well ever since I started DJing ive always told myself I have to try and do something different than everyone else. It sucks when you go to a club or festival and just play the same thing everyone else plays. I mean its not about playing completely different but if you’re going to play certain tracks other people play at least spice it up a bit, make a nice mashup of it with a song no one is expecting you to play. I try to go back to my roots in my sets. I play EDM, Old school Hip Hop even Rock sometimes. I feel like the element of surprise in DJ sets have completely gone away. People know whats coming next or how the breakdown is going to sound. I want people to say “Holy shit what the fuck just happened” when they hear my sets. Some may not like it, most do from what I’ve experienced but as long as its embedded in their heads that I just had the balls to do that than I don’t care lol

What’s next for Henrix in terms of production and touring? I saw that your Soundcloud has been taken down, are there any chances for a revival some time soon?

Yes my soundcloud got taken down, seems to be happening to a lot of artists lately, i don’t think ill ever get it back but its all good, I started a new one and hopefully I can get back to what the other one once was . A lot of things coming up as far as music. I have so many tracks ready but some might not even see the light of day, I’ve learned to take a step back and be wiser with the tracks I release. Im also trying different things with my music. Im going through a part of my career where I don’t want to stick to just EDM. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to stop making EDM stuff because i truly love it but I want to try different things. Maybe experiment with slower acoustic stuff, hip hop, electronica etc.. I really enjoy different genres of music and having to stick to one thing really bothers me. As far as touring theres a lot of shows lined up in the next few months I’m very excited about. I also have Light Vegas residency that I love. Im in Vegas once or twice a month 🙂

Thanks so much for being our guest today on the mix! Anything more you’d like to tell us?

Thank you for having me and Thank you for all your support! Hmm I guess thats all haha

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