While you are hating on Riff Raff, he’s hanging with all stars and basking in the luminescence of the spotlight, which also happens to reflect quite a bit off his infinite amount of diamonds. His album, Neon Icon, just came out and he is participating in another album soon. Diplo has confirmed via Twitter that one, Jack U will be doing an album and two, that the rap star will have a feature on it. No more news about the album was confirmed; Diplo simply replied to a fan about an inquiry regarding a previously teased mega collaboration.

You remember “Drunk Girls?” The Riff Raff song with Skrillex and Skylar Grey was supposed to go on the Neon Icon album, but apparently didn’t make the list, however that is the song that will be on the upcoming Jack U release. To be honest, there totally could be more than just that collaboration given Diplo and Riff Raff’s relationship; which, to be honest again, I’d love to hear. I listened through the entire album last night and I have to say, I was impressed. Expect more news about the Jack U album as information surfaces, but for now, I guess either get into some Jack U material or some Riff Raff.