The recent copyright crackdown has undoubtedly frustrated many independent and up and coming artists. DMCA takedowns on Soundcloud that were once semi-regular have become the new norm. However, despite the pressure from big labels, a new website is offering a simple solution to the copyright war – just don’t sample it.

DontSample.meĀ is the brainchild of Morgan Crozier, and is proclaimed to be, “the most cohesive list of musicians that are signed to major labels who are known to take action against people using their work, even if they’re in the right.”

In essence, Crozier has compiled a list of musicians whose labels are known to be copyright enforcers, so you can avoid the living hell out of them. While, this may seem like anything but a fix to the whole problem, it does take a step in the right direction. If people do genuinely begin to avoid mixing or sampling based on the way an artist’s label handles copyright enforcement, that might be the first step to long term change. Unfortunately, the best solution available right now with the issue of Copyright is abstinence.

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