Now, now… don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet. Keep in mind that SoundCloud has been serving the producer/DJ community for 7 years now and have been good to you (for the most part) the whole time. While it is deplorable that some large labels are getting more access to SoundCloud’s DMCA policies and getting exclusive takedown rights – looking at you Universal – it is all a part of changing times and an increasingly diverse musical economy.

According to Bloomberg, SoundCloud is entering final talks with the three major labels, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music, in order to negotiate for “licenses to continue playing songs from the biggest labels and avoid potential legal disputes.” Obviously, this will help SoundCloud to continue to thrive for years to come, but it will likely have dire ramifications on the producer and especially the DJ community. Mixes are by and large not entirely a producer’s own music, and so these takedown notices and copyright infringement messages may last for quite a bit longer.

However, it seems that good things are on the horizon. At the very least, the Grammys have now begun accepting songs/tracks with samples as valid submissions for awards. Hopefully the major labels can follow suit and realize that sampling their artists’ music does not hurt them in the long run and might actually generate interest if, perhaps, sample credits were a requirement.

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