Never before have we seen such a miraculous metamorphosis of character and skill in Trance than the inspirational Swiss technician that is Sean Tyas, whose newly reinvented sound has carved a new path of elemental beauty throughout the Beatport charts. Last year was a time of crossroads in his career, as the mass jumble of genres such as Trance 2.0, Electro, Trance and Uplifting seem to have overwhelmed any sense of clear cut direction. However, instead of throwing in the towel, he instead decided to take the production techniques that he discovered within other genres and incorporate them into his signature Uplifting sound, effectively re-imagining himself into a leader whose multifaceted production techniques completely obliterates any semblance of conventionality. With this new found sense of confidence and inspiration, Tyas set forth to create an immensely original sound that seeks to embody the concept of conceptual, multilateral thinking. We first covered his works with the staggeringly beautiful Now You See, and his other 2014 single of Ascend and his remix to Lange‘s Insatiable has showcased his astonishing production skills and wondrous, new age artistic direction. Now, he decides to tackle another approach to his wildly unpredictable sound as the new release of the mighty Unleash has Tech Trance fans standing in shock by its massively raw power.


While both Now You See and Ascend were both situated in the Trancey 134BPM range, Tyas¬†clearly wants everyone to know that Unleash is full-on, no frills Trance that contains no nonsense and no fluff; just straight business. Dark, grungy and grimy is the name of the game, as seismic basskicks, futuristic basslines and a power that embodies freight trains immediately throws away all restrictions and allows it do conduct its devious work. Over time, murmuring minor ostinatos start to bleed through the soundscape as the phrase finally gains a melodic shape in both texture and progression. The breakdown features repeated, rhythmic minor motifs as the swirling synth winds give way towards a beautiful arrangement that includes blippy synths, flowing ostinatos and a particularly gorgeous piano line that subtlety adds color towards the mix. Suddenly, an impact occurs and out from the smoke emerges a lovely little melody whose glowing radiance is only matched by its engaging harmonic structure. As the technical side comes roaring back from the deep, a computerized voice states, ‘Unleash the fury‘, before a decimating bassline slaughters our ears with the same intensity as a spinning roundhouse kick to the face. Gone are the melodies of old as the soul crushing artillery basslines envelop you in a sense of no escape and fear in one, power packed package. But the melodies were never gone in the first place, and as time wears on, we eventually see the melodic material work together with the brutal bassline in order to deliver a final message of hope and ecstasy amidst its thunderous musical nature.

Sean Tyas‘ brand new single, Unleash, is now available on Black Hole Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q