Laughing is good for you and that’s why I hope you’ll be laughing as hard as I was after watching the video down below. If you haven’t been on the interwebs this past week, let me catch you up. This past weekend, ID&T’s festival Tomorrowland was once again live streaming the spectacular 3 day event. During those live streams, those who couldn’t attend got a glimpse of what they were missing out on as well as the opportunity to get a closer look at their favorite DJs performing on some of the wildest and biggest stages in the world. Now some of the close ups aren’t always the most flattering and French DJ David Guetta is a prime example. During his set the camera captured a rather extended clip of mister Guetta stoically staring back at the crowd, DJing by barely moving a finger. Viewed by hundreds of thousands, people started recording the clip and sharing it and of course, it went viral. Enjoy.