When Mr. Collipark started to get into electronic music, I was ecstatic. Collaborations were teased, songs were released and now we have another one of those here with us today. Robotic Beatbox, Cutty Ranks and the esteemed JSTJR all got their hands in on “Move It Live Beyonce.” Beyonce’s got a huge ol’ booty, so with so much to move, these guys had to make this one big and boisterous. What makes this even better, at least for me and all the moombah heads out there, is that the genre has obvious influences on the songs composition. There’s been some good twerk records out recently, but this takes the cake for me. With all the contributing talents, there’s no surprise this is as good as it is. The icing on that previously mentioned cake is that these guys dropped this original for free. Download it, share it around, but most importantly, “Move It Like Beyonce.”

Free Download