August 5th is the day Bear Grillz & Friends makes its way to the public. Well, at least, that’s when you can get it for yourself. For now, Your EDM is premiering the single, “Big Room,” which is the collaboration between the bear and 12th Planet, while two of the other songs on the EP tag along for the ride. Some time before or after killing Skrillex and Zomboy, these two had a chance to satirize the big room genre. And they do it quite well might I add.

Although it’s not exactly the atypical “Animals” style track, the “Big Room” is all there. You start out with a humorous two person exchange that leads into the song. It’s not long until the action really gets underway and you are met with a minimal, formulaic style that the two manage to pull off. After switching up the composition, things get more spunky and the real fun is had. This and “Fan Mail” are good examples of throwing some comedic overtones into the mix of dance music.

Check out the 12th Planet collaboration on “Big Room” below along with the collaborations with The Frim and Protohype. You’ll have to wait for the Datsik one though, sorry! To make up for it, you can check out this funny interview I had with Bear Grillz.

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