After hitting a certain level of stardom, artists, DJs and producers get swarmed with interviews. From big to small publications, everyone wants their questions to be heard and answered by the hottest artists out there. Inevitably, the interviewee gets asked the same questions over and over and over… and to prevent going absolutely mad from the repetition, some artists find funny ways to cope with the inescapable redundancy. Feed Me, for example, did so by making up bizarre and at times gruesome stories as to how he chose his name, giving a different answer to different publications. Well it appears that Adventure Club tried something similar with their latest interview with the publication DJoybeat, where they decided to take credit for the Chainsmokers’ infamous track #SELFIE. In the interview, the Canadian duo claimed to have produced the track but found it so cheesy they ended up giving it to their friends the Chainsmokers. Here is their response:

Christian: [Laughs] They got that “#SELFIE” money, and as soon as they got that “#SELFIE” money they were too cool for us – but we were friends with them since day one.

Leighton: Well off the on the record…

Off the on the record?”

Leighton: Yeah, he’s saying kinda what happened, but the reverse situation of it, ’cause what happened was we wrote “#SELFIE,” and we thought it was, like, too cheesy to release as Adventure Club, so we gave it to them. And then all of the sales and all of that actually comes into our pockets, so we’ve been making a lot of money off of them and there’s a little bit of resentment there.

Are you sure you’re okay with me publishing this?

Christian: Absolutely [laughs].

Obviously after that happened, Twitter blew up. Everyone jumped the gun and started throwing around the taboo topic of ghost production and everything else that comes with it. Well of course, had people taken the time to think about it, they most likely would have realized it was a joke made by Adventure Club to spice up the interview. Well sadly that seemed to go way over people’s heads because the duo had to take to twitter to appease everyone.


Frankly, the take away from this situation is two-fold. 1) Realize artists are human beings, they get bored and like to joke around, so don’t take everything they say so seriously (look at deadmau5 for example). 2) Don’t believe everything you find online.

Source: DJoybeat