Compilations usually serve up a nice collection of tracks. After all, that’s what any release is trying to do, however with these you get a chance to hear a variety of producers show their work. When someone like Rooftops Horizon drops an EP, you can be sure you are getting some quality from names that most wouldn’t recognize. That is the case with their first compilation that will kick off what is likely to be a slam dunk series of releases.

Five tracks make up Volume 1 from artists JL, salute, Rusty Hook, Renz and Romby. There are some insanely good trap singles in here that don’t reiterate the present sound. These artists looked ahead and saw what was to come and they brought it to the now with songs like “Gold Rush” and “People Like You” which has strong future overtones. It’d be hard to get five singles this good on one project, but Rooftops Horizon did. Grab the compilation for free through the link below.

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