Veld Music Festival, the 2-day Toronto music festival organized by Ink Entertainment, has come to a close and released some saddening news. The Toronto police department has launched a homicide investigation following the deaths of a 20 year old woman and a 22 year old man. Another 13 people were hospitalized, and the 15 individuals are all suspected to have ingested a potential form of MDMA, ecstasy or even GHB acquired at the music festival in Downview Park. Detective Sergeant Peter Trimble stated the following during an interview on “The Morning Show”:

“This is under the realm of illegal drugs. There are people who probably don’t want to come forward or see us, I’m not concerned about the purchaser of the drugs. I’d like any witness to come forward and talk about who they bought the drugs from on that day or night.”

The Sergeant followed up by reporting that “there is a potential for a homicide charge. This is a criminal action that resulted in the death of two young people.”

Hard Music Festival and the Mad Decent Block Party also reported the untimely passing of some of their attendees over the weekend.

Source: Global News