Next up on the fantastic DS-R label, (an offshoot of Enhanced Recordings that collectively releases tracks that focus on the purer facets of Trance), are two exciting, upcoming producers whose incredible teamwork results in pure, emotional bliss. For those of you who have stuck around in the scene for several years, you may recognize the hidden talents of Aimoon on a smattering of releases and remixes. After flipping through a few different labels with moderate success over many years, he was finally picked up by Armada Music last year with three new singles entitled Voltage, Aventador and Digital Love, which were supported by a number of high end DJ’s such as Kyau & Albert, Judge Jules, W&W and Markus Schulz. Over time however, he slowly started shifting to the sidelines with small successes on labels such as Blue Soho, Tool Trance and BPM Records, but has recently been making a huge comeback with two outstanding collaborations entitled Your Soul with Roman Messer and Ridgewalkers, and Stargazer with OzzyXPM, which were both featured on Armin van Buuren‘s A State Of Trance radio show; (the first one with the Photographer remix). On the flip side, ARS has been missing in action for an entire year and it seemed as though his short lived career was nearly finished. With fantastic singles such as Earthlings and Upstairs, we had much hope for this promising young star before he stopped producing. After their first collaboration was released entitled Lightyear, (which came out in 2013), these two have once again teamed up to present an alluring new single entitled Summer.

Starting off on the same vain as Photographer, the duo borrow influences from the Trance titan and incorporate powerful, pulsating basslines to the opening to the track as a flurry of accompanying vocal timbres add balance and depth towards the phrase. The percussion is on point at this instant, as its crisp, yet driving nature adds towards the piece’s frantic, spirited opening. However, a gorgeous summer guitar synth softens the entire phrase with a beautiful riff that smoothly transitions into the breakdown with a gorgeous minor melody. Within the breakdown, the rush of cool, flowing pads and warm, caressing choirs are perfectly contrasted with a neat little Breaks section that not only provides a nice touch of variety, but also keeps the piece balanced and grounded throughout the melodic synth’s highly expressive melodic line. Suddenly, the main melody begins its glorious message as the tone is shifted from lazy, forlorn thoughts to one of determination and pride, and the resulting orchestration begins to build in both power and breadth. Finally, its easily swims into the cool, baby blue waters of the ocean with a fantastic melody that’s slightly tinged towards the Balearic sound that so many Trance DJ’s aspire for during Summer. While it does not contain a massive buildup or a stomping drop, it is nevertheless a lovely work of Trance that demonstrates the best of its own qualities and is a perfect sound to immerse yourself into euphoric, reminiscent thoughts of Summers past.

Aimoon & ARS‘ collaboration, Summer, is out now on DS-R, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q