In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, it seems the world-renowned CDJ and mixer manufacturer Pioneer is looking to sell its entire DJ equipment franchise. The current starting price is $570 million, which makes some sense considering the prevalent use of CDJs and DJMs in nearly every club and festival environment.

With these all-Pioneer setups as the industry norm, it makes you wonder; why are they selling it, and who would buy it? It seems as though the Japan-based company is looking to consolidate its efforts in automotive electronics, leaving behind its other non-core assets and businesses. As for potential buyers, there’s no official word from Pioneer at the moment, but surely we will see the fruits of the sale in the near future.

Who do you think will pick it up? If Native Instruments, the second leading DJ equipment manufacturer, were to place a bid, we might see some sort of fusion of Pioneer technologies with the Traktor brand. It’s frankly quite difficult to think of any other potentially interested buyers.

[Source: Reuters]