It has long been known that the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list is more of a popularity contest than a testament to actual skill. As such, it makes me very happy to share a satirical video A-Track, Destructo, and DJ Mustard have made to poke fun at the DJ Mag Top 100. Clever humor and a direct attack on “press play” DJs make this video something that almost anyone can enjoy. I was bursting out laughing when the duo “Jul-Ian” was asked about not being djs and the fact they’re just actors, only for them to reply by pushing a button and making hand signs.

The duo of actors was probably my favorite part of the whole video, the way they so perfectly describe the ghost produced big room DJ stereotype was phenomenal.

As much as this video is satire and as a good a laugh as it is, it really brings light to the issues of DJ charts. I personally don’t give them any credibility and think they aren’t focused on DJing in the least. These are my opinions and you as a reader may disagree with me.