Headhunterz has announced the Origins Project, a 60-track back catalog of all of his originals. Released off of his record label HARD with STYLE, the project will feature 8 years’ worth of Headhunterz productions and collaboration every Thursday for the following 36 weeks.

The Dutch producer states: ”It’s amazing to have my back catalog part of my very own label — it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. With Origins, we introduce everyone to the story behind the music, on to the birth of HARD with STYLE. We go deeper. It’s like a diary of music, a reflection on my career so far. Like every creative person, I always feel the need to evolve and keep challenging myself and my creative potential. Releasing the back catalog is my way of honoring my roots, and at the same time acknowledging my growth as a person, my taste as a listener and my potential as a producer. And that means moving on in life – and moving on, on the musical path.”

Check the Hard with STYLE YouTube channel every Thursday to see the evolution of his music, and get the full playlist on Spotify.