Boulder bass producer GAWTBASS is back again, and continues to push his personal boundaries.  He’s a hybrid trap/dubstep producer that refuses to let himself be defined with one signature sound.  After recently pushing out an oldschool dubstep trackGAWTBASS goes off in an entirely different direction with his latest free download.

“Flamenco” is not an in-your-face trap rager.  Instead, it’s approached with musicality in mind.  Graham Gawthorpe (GAWTBASS) personally plays guitar, and lays out soothing Spanish chords that sync perfectly with the high snares and subtle 808s that technically classify this song as trap.  This track isn’t made for its drop, but for its beautiful progression that pays tribute to the music of another culture.

GAWTBASS is giving away this original song for free, so click here for a download, and take a listen below!