Live Nation and C3 Presents have worked together before, with such projects as bookings for House of Blues. Now, Live Nation is looking to take majority ownership of the C3 Presents, which happens to be the largest independent promoter in the United States. With clientele such as Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits festival, and over thirty musical acts, it’s quite an influential purchase. Live Nation values the company around $250 million, according to sources found by the New York Times. Although Live Nation already has a vast portfolio of festivals/events, by becoming 51% stakeholders in C3 it will allow them to expand further into rock territory. They already have dominion over Insomniac, HARD, as well as Cream, in the electronic world. Given that the talks are not finalized, more news about the matter will be coming out in the future. Stay tuned for yet another acquisition!

Source: New York Times