Ever wanted to listen to the sounds of the galaxy while rollin on 24-inch chrome across the landscape of the moon? Well, that’s still a ways off, but with Nico Luminous‘ new album you’ll definitely start to get an idea of what it would feel like! The LA native’s ‘Moon Buggy Cadillac’ EP drops on October 28th, but YourEDM readers are getting a very special sneak peek of what’s to come: a full stream of the EP’s title track! Staying true to his OG space gangster style, the tune is full of bumping 808s, purple soundscapes, and West Coast party vibes. Best of all, Nico lends his own smooth vocal stylings to the mix, adding a fun and organic element of wackiness.

If you haven’t pressed play yet, we strongly suggest you do. Check out the stream of ‘Moon Buggy Cadillac’ after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the full release from Nico Luminous!


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