Ready for your daily dose of weird? Because Conrank and the Live Circus team are happy to provide it for you! Following the release of his Exhale Therapy EP last month, Conrank has posted a fantastically wild music video that lends a visual element to the album’s title track. ‘Exhale Therapy’, a collaboration between the Shanghai based producer and the legendary DJ Shadow, is already a tripped out, bass heavy tune and the music video just kicks the intensity up a notch; featuring mind-bending animation and cinematography, it pulls the viewer into the swirling depths of both modernity and nostalgia while getting progressively more hectic and visceral. Basically, you have to see it with your own eyes to really get a feel for how awesomely strange this video is. Peep the full stream after the jump and be sure to give Conrank‘s Exhale Therapy a listen on Bandcamp.


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